operating policy

PNM Pro´s primary asset is our expertise and commitment, where we together create a good work culture. Our work is characterized by a high level of service to our customers.
PNM Pro AB is working to reduce environmental impact by reducing resource, commodity and energy consumption in operations. With responsiveness to customer needs, we constantly develop our management system. Efforts to safeguard and improve working conditions, environmental impact and improvement potential should occur naturally in our daily work.

  • We will prioritize suppliers and other stakeholders engaged in serious quality and the environment.
  • We will work to minimize the generation of residues and waste.
  • We shall prevent the risk of pollution and emissions.
  • We will encourage staff to take responsibility for our environmental work.
  • We will take preventive measures to minimize the risk of injury and illness.
  • We create efficiency by delivering products with the right quality, at the right time.
  • Our operations comply with local and international laws.
  • We discourage all forms of discrimination.
  • We respect human rights, freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.
  • We support the abolition of child labor and forced labor.

Operating Policy applies to all parts of the PNM Pro AB including GAK Mechanical.