PNM Pro AB started the business in its current form in 1990. Since then, the trend has moved forward strongly. Operations are conducted in 5,200 m2 premises in Torshälla.

We are a full service company that specializes in contract manufacturing of products in most materials. Today we are  approximately40 employees.

1990:  PNM plate started from previous FO Nyström
1997:   Expansion with construction of stockhouse
2008:  Acquisition of GAK Mechanical (nowadays sales and property company), investment in laser machine and                          the new stockhouse
2016:   Investment of measuring machine, processing machines
2016:   PNM Plåt becomes PNM Pro AB
2018:   Investment in new processing machine

We have customers from different segments, from subcontracted industry to the music industry. This means that we have the experience and expertise regarding various requirements in many industries and areas.

As a manufacturer, we know that delays in the delivery of a product always causes extra costs and production problems for our customers. We are working hard to ensure that you will receive your deliveries on time.

We at PNM Pro AB is here to assist our customers. We understand that each customer is unique and has its own wishes and requirements, and therefore we will give each customer the service he / she needs.